Karen G. Andres

Arbitrator and Mediator

Attorney at Law



“Arbitrator Andres can be relied upon for a thorough, thoughtful decision and an orderly, efficient hearing.  We can’t ask for much more.”

--Attorney Donald Siegel

“Thanks again for taking time to serve as an arbitrator in last week’s mock arbitration in my Labor and Employment class.  You were excellent.  Following your visit, a couple of students stopped by my office to express appreciation for your insights.”

--Christopher David Ruiz Cameron, Southwestern School of Law

“Ms. Andres is a professional in the broadest sense.  Not only is she a skillful attorney with a solid grasp of administrative law, but just as noteworthy is her caring attitude and her concern for achieving equitable solutions to complex and emotional matters.”

--George Gascón, San Francisco District Attorney, former colleague and panelist on Los Angeles Police Department Board of Rights

“Ms. Andres is a thoughtful and clear-headed deliberator who brings her wide experience and compassionate nature to the job, to the benefit of all who appear before her.”

--Diane Marchant, attorney for Los Angeles Police Officers

“I thought it was surely a matter that could never be settled.  Thanks to the impartial manner in which you handled the case, we were able to dispose of the matter to the satisfaction of both parties.”

--Victor E. Kaplan, Attorney